SWAN Day 2017

This year we will showcase the talents of 6 amazing graphic designers.

Artists Bios

Mia Lee

Mia is a creative designer, born and raised in Chatham, a historic neighborhood of Chicago’s beloved Southside. Growing up as an only child, Mia developed an immense fascination of all things strange and beautiful, with a wild obsession for flowers and cartoons. These passions and wild fascinations reflect in Mia’s work, who’s style is very playful and fun, which is a direct reflection of her personality.

Graphic design, spray/mural painting, wheat-pasting, production/set design, and lettering are just a few of her obsessions, which keeps her portfolio intriguing and diverse.


Rene “Woo” Bryant

“Woo” is an Art and Design major studying Advertising Art Direction at Columbia College Chicago. Graduating Spring 2017, she is currently a graphic designer for Columbia College Chicago’s Student Communications Department in Chicago,Ill. Outside of this role, she also acts as Creative Director for TedxColumbiaCollegeChicago. Bryant has been featured in the RAWArtists Showcase, Pancakes & Beer, and 2 Night Stand. She currently resides in Chicago with wife, Audrey.


Veronica Owens

Since a VERY early age my life has been centered around art and the drive to create it. I believe the aesthetic experience occurs in a personal moment when the viewer sees art. I create images for that moment. By taking the inherent personality and condition of a project into consideration, I create powerful aesthetics that form a world of their own. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, I am a self taught artist and designer who began my creative career at the age of 6, by selling drawings to people in my neighborhood. Following my mothers entrepreneurial example, I chose to use my God given talent to serve others and make dreams come true. I love design, not just for it’s own sake but for what it can do for people.


Cairá Lee  Conner

Cairá  is a Chicago native and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA program [2009-2013, 2014-2015], with a concentration in Fashion and Illustration. Art and Design are the tools that Cairá uses to explore interpretations and understandings of Blackness. After stumbling across the philosophy of Afro-Futurism through the late artist Rammellzee and the film Last Angel of History by John Akomfrah, she began her own journey through understanding the world of spaceships and pyramids. She is an interdisciplinary artist that uses multiple forms of assemblage through multiple media including fabric construction, acrylic and watercolor painting, illustration, digital design, found objects, and unique fiber art. Cairá has been featured in Grade A Living online magazine, if i may be so bold blog, and Radical Magazine. Her work has been on display at SAIC The Walk, Red Fish Factory in Antwerp, Sights and Sounds of the Cityscape Showcase, the Freedom Dreams Exhibition Pop-Up Gallery and more. Cairá was also asked to create the centerpiece installation at the Duty to Fight Exhibition at Gallery 400, which debuted Spring 2016.


LeAnne Jones

She turns lemonade into Hennessy and BAE to her means Bacon and Eggs. Clearly this 25-year-old is not on the ‘right’ path. Somehow she managed to get a Bachelors and graduate early and get a Masters degree where she graduated with a 3.9.  Born in the United Kingdom but allowed ‘Bron’ to raise her, Lavinia (La-Vin-Ya) “Le’Anne” Jones, is a recent cancer survivor with a passion to paint the world with colorful memories.  Her life goal is to become a Brand Manager in the Sports & Entertainment Industry and dedicate her life to service and youth. Thank you for taking the time to be surrounded by her energy and remember “Always give 100%, unless you’re donating blood.”


Michelle West

Michelle is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked across Chicago, and the Chicagoland area, participating in art shows as well as working with small businesses and non-for profit companies guiding their vision of their brands for the past 4 years. For the last two years she has been apart of over 10 art shows around the city, bringing her distinct style of loud, bold colors, and images based off of dreams and psychology to much of her work. Also known as a graphic novelist, she has been published in 5 Chicago based publications over the last 4 years. She plans to continue making bold and unique graphic design and illustration work that brings new perspectives of the world the way that she sees it.